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About us

About us

Girl Boss

 As an Afrolatina from New York City, I am building a brand that perpetuates the embodiment of beauty, health, and a glamorous lifestyle. My initiative is to encourage everyone to feel amazing in their skin as well as feeling empowered, motivated and BOLD. G.Gloss by G’Glow was created with the intentions of showing off my passion for lip gloss as well as the glow and confidence associated with it. The collections under the G’Glow brand, including the beauty products are created with sustainable and certified organic ingredients that are imported from different parts of the world. After years of trying to perfect the G’Gloss formula to ensure that it is perfect and suitable for every woman, it is the first product in G’Glow Beauty to be released in May 2020. 

G’Glow is committed to providing exclusive products and services in accordance with the seasons, all year round. All products are shipped out of New York City and please stay tuned for announcements on various limited edition arrivals coming soon! G’Glow would love to be a part of your daily regimen and to also help introduce you to the purest way of life. STAND OUT, WITH G’GLOW 


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